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Asphalt Mixing Plant ( Separated Bins for Finished Products )

Asphalt Mixing Plant

Model: LB Fixed Type (Separated Bins for Finished Products)

Characteristic of Asphalt Mixing Plant
1. The asphalt mixer uses the high strength wear-resistant materials which increases the service life;
2. The installation of first-lever cyclone dust filter and second-lever water filter systems, together with negative-pressure dustproof design of the plant body, substantially save investment costs for customers due to their superior economy as well as practicality;
3. The linear-mode vibrating sieve is driven by imported vibration motor which helps improve the screening efficiency and reduce the plant failure frequency.
4. The aggregate elevator is lifted by plate chain, which not only raises the service life of the hoisting machine but improves the running stability;
5. Optimized chain board type drying drum makes the drying system more effective and stable;
6. Overall modular design makes it fast and convenient to transport and install;
7. Full automatic computer/man control system with a self-diagnosis and feedback program guarantees an easy and safe operation.

Main Applications of Asphalt Mixing Plant
Also called Asphalt mixer, or Asphalt batching plant, this kind of concrete equipment is widely used for the construction work of high-grade asphalt roads.

Technical Parameters of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Model No. LB-600 LB-800 LB-1000 LB-1200
Throughput 48t/h 64t/h 80t/h 96 t/h
Plant power 205KW 210KW 220KW 255KW
Fuel consumption 6.5kg/t
Weighing accuracy Aggregate: ±0.5% Regenerating agent: ±0.5% Asphalt: ±0.25%
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